The 72h concept details the level of home preparedness recommended by the authorities and NGOs

For example, an extended power outage may result in a situation where society’s services are disrupted or even discontinued.

Households should prepare to cope independently for at least three days should a disruption occur. They should store at least three days’ worth of food supplies and medicines. It would also be important to know the basics of preparedness, such as where to get reliable information during a disruption and how to cope in a residence that is getting colder and colder.

Home preparedness is of great benefit to both society and, above all, to each individual themselves. This is why everyone should prepare for disruptions and emergencies.


Look for an instructor

72 h instructors are experts trained by The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK). During short training events, instructors learn about urban preparedness, how to recognise risks and how to become brave actors. It is strictly forbidden to use instructors’ contact details for marketing or research purposes.


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